My Role:

Redesign website and produce marketing materials consistent with social media and new business direction

My Role:

Create and implement a brand campaign with new logo and communications plan which combines the rich history of both organizations while establishing an identity for the new organization

My Role:

Maintain existing out of date logo while modernizing website and marketing materials to gain competitive edge in modern market enviornment

My Role:

Develop company identity, marketing materials, website and social media plan based on existing logo and product to differentiate the separate commercial company identity while retaining the strong market ties to WHOI

Branding, strategy and communications go hand in hand when dealing with a marketing campaign but these need to be balanced with the project scope, budget and objectives. When it goes right - it's amazing. When it goes wrong - surprising things can happen and new plans get made. These campaigns have stood the test of time and demonstrate successful client transition.

Brands and logos go hand in hand but a brand isn't just a logo, it's also a business positioning, a reflection of a company direction and ambition.  Some clients want a new logo to reflect their new business needs and others want to keep their old logos but revitalize their brand.  These are examples of both that I have worked on.

Electronic marketing has taken the world by storm but there is still a place for the print marketing materials of days gone by. Depending on the target market, it might mean creating a stand alone document or it could require making a flyer or a poster or stands for a conference. I've found for all but tech companies that a combination of both print and electronic marketing materials creates the most successful campaign.  Here are just some of the materials I have put together based on client target market and objectives.

Large or small every business needs a website. Putting together a website means having to clarify and understand the business positioning, brand and target market or markets. Websites evolve and clients work with me to create what they need for the stage their business is in at the time. These are some of the recent websites that I have created.

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